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Time Travel Comes Alive…

What does it smell like in San Francisco in 1906? What was for dinner on the Hindenburg in 1936? Everyone's smoking, that's for sure. And hats; no one goes out without a hat. Since we can't really travel back in time (yet), I wanted to get as close as I could—and I want to bring you with me.

A Quarter Past is my opus to that effect.

Book I, Dancing with Disaster, takes Mark Baldwin, a somewhat mousy and uninspired San Francisco gay man, and throws him into unaccustomed events and challenges. He starts out slow: just a run around the block to the Castro District in 1979. Then to San Francisco in 1906 to see the beauty and horrors of a city that will soon be struck down in its prime. As a long-time Anglophile he heads to London for the opening of the German Blitzkrieg in 1940—and by then things start to get a little intense for him. But a quick visit to RMS Titanic in 1912 should be a slam dunk. What could possibly go wrong?

A Quarter Past will be a four book series, guaranteed to make history come alive. I hope you'll join me.

After years as a columnist for various gay publications, including BEAR Magazine, San Francisco Frontiers, 100% Beef and others, I knew the real hill to climb would be writing fiction. Which I finally began to scale in earnest in 2018 with my first novel, 2037: The End of Tolerance. Future projects are already in the works; I keep playing with my upcoming blockbuster novel, Homosexuals In Space! that may not have the gravitas of historical fiction, but is shaping up to be an irreverent mind-bender. 

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